Hot Job Skills To Have

Recent graduates are finding potential employers that are looking for very different skill set than from just 10 years ago.  This article will help readers learn what are the most highly sought after skills in the field today.  If you are a student you may want to take note and change some of your courses to make yourself more marketable upon graduation.

Obviously the Cloud computing initiative is booming so it comes as no surprise that technology companies are in search of computer engineers with exposure to it.  Skillsets that include Cloud architecture, remote access, and virtualization are particularly hot.  Microsoft’s Hyper-V, VMWare’s ESX, and Citrix’s suite of virtualization and remote access products are some of the specific vitalization technologies that will get you resume noticed by top technical recruiters.

Computer Engineers with data storage skills are also in high demand.  The Cloud is creating massive amounts of data which needs to be stored on tangible equipment.  Engineers that can create interfaces that offer full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) integration with storage systems are in short supply. Learn more PHP CRUD and similar software on Google Code.

Information security continues its strong growth year after year.  Security Engineer salaries are among the top in the computing profession.  Part of what is fueling the growth is the growing need to combat the rise of organized cyber crime.  The underground criminal elements are turning more and more to identify fraud, credit card theft, and phishing because it is much more profitable than their traditional racketeering activities.  Our readers make themselves more marketable by adding security skills to their repertoire.  Knowledge of Hardware based authentication and encryption systems is highly marketable.  If you can design a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with ultra-secure key storage using a Hardware Security Module (HSM) then you can command very high bill rates as a consultant.  Smart Card deployment and management experience will also open many doors as very few computer professions have these skills.

User Interfaces of today are all about touch screens.  Windows 8’s Metro, Apple’s iPad & iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Microsoft’s Surface are all sporting new touch screen friendly UI’s.  Computer engineers that can meld the look and feel the designers demand with the physical and electronic limits imposed by the hardware manufacturers have a bright future in front of themselves.   Check out these company’s job boards to find some of the latest and greatest employment opportunities (Apple, Facebook, F5 Networks, & VMWare)

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