Best Undergrad Schools in the US

There are many very good schools in the country, so choosing the best undergrad schools in the US actually depends on the course of study that a student wants to take. Some colleges are known for producing well-prepared teachers, while others are known for their business colleges or for preparing students for other careers in engineering, law, or medicine. Ivy League schools usually require high scores on the ACT or SAT test for admittance to the school. The schools are very selective, and many accept less than 20 percent of applicants to the freshman class. Harvard accepts only seven percent of those who apply as undergraduates.

Undergrad Schools USThe Ivy League colleges are known for producing many successful graduates from their institutions. Cornell University, an Ivy League school, is known for having the best School of Hotel Management. Princeton University is known for its undergrad degrees in English, Economics, History, Political Science, and Public Policy. Many students with these degrees continue on with their educations to earn a law degree or a Master’s Degree in one of these areas.

There are many other excellent colleges in the US that are not Ivy League schools, however. Students who are looking for the best schools at which to earn an undergraduate business degree often turn to New York University’s Stern School of Business. The program at this school is composed of a four-year curriculum, which is different from most schools. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is another top school that has very small classes, so professors are able to work closely with students. This is also a four-year program, so students enter right after graduating from high school. Only a small percentage of those who apply to the program are accepted. Another top-rated undergrad program is located at the University of Texas at Austin at the McCombs School of business. Entrance to the program is very competitive, but the program is known for being excellent, especially if the student would like to earn an accounting degree.

There are also many excellent private schools for undergraduate students. If a student would like to earn a liberal arts degree which will prepare him or her for many master’s degree programs or could lead to a job in various fields, Amherst College is an excellent choice. It is a small school that is continually rated as the best or second best liberal arts colleges. Tuition is much more expensive at private schools, and a student can expect to pay around $55,000 annually to attend classes at this institution. There are many grants awarded to help students whose SAT or ACT scores qualify them for entrance to the school. Another excellent liberal arts school is Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tennessee. This college is highly rated for its programs in education, medicine, law, and business. They have a strong emphasis on research at this university.

Students who would like to earn engineering degrees will want to look at Texas A & M at College Station, a school known for its civil and mechanical engineering programs. The humanities and sciences are also emphasized at this college. Another school with excellent engineering programs is the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). This school specializes in electrical and mechanical engineering programs. UCLA is a public university, and there are other excellent public universities located in states throughout the US.

Many of the best colleges have a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, an honor society that is considered to be the most respected honor society in the US. There are about 280 colleges and universities with chapters of this honor society at their schools. One way to locate a top school for undergrads in the US is to see if a chapter of this honor society is established at a school.

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